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Welcome to Our Payment Policy Page

Welcome to Our
Payment Policy Page

At Bondhu Digital, our Payment Policy is designed to ensure transparency and convenience. We outline payment methods, billing cycles, and fees, aiming to provide a seamless experience.

When you engage our services or purchase products from our website, we require payment as per the following terms:

Payment Policy

  1. Payment Terms:
  • Upon agreement to proceed with our services, a  deposit of 40% or 50% of the total project cost (depending on the nature and duration of the project) is required before work commencement.
  • The remaining balance will be due upon project completion and before the final deliverables are handed over to the client.

               1a. Here’s a Breakdown of Our Payment Policy For Our Services.

    • For WordPress Services, including WordPress Installation, SEO Optimization, Content Auto Sharing, and more, a 50% or 40% payment is due before we commence any work. The remaining 50% or 60% will be invoiced upon completion of the project.
    • For Website SEO Services, such as Speed Optimization and Fixing Core Web Vitals and more, the full payment is required before initiating the work.
    • For Facebook Ads services, specifically FB Ads campaign setup, testing, scaling, etc., we charge on a monthly basis. Before we begin work, we require an upfront payment of 50% or 60% of the monthly fee (excluding FB Ads budget and image and video creatives charges).
    • For Web Design and Development Services, before we proceed with the work, we will discuss prices and costs after hearing your requirements and our suggestions. Once a price is agreed upon, you will be required to pay 50% or 100% in advance before we begin the work.
    • For Google Search Console Solutions, Enhance your website’s visibility and performance in Google search results with our tailored solutions. In this service, you are required to pay the full amount, 100% in advance, before we begin your work.
    • For Brand Building Services, Develop a strong and memorable brand identity to stand out in the online market. If you choose this service, you have the freedom for payments, meaning no advance payments are needed. It’s based on a monthly subscription model, where you pay 100% of the monthly charges on a monthly basis.
    • For Influencer Marketing, It’s crucial for brands to select the right influencers and forge authentic partnerships to ensure success. In this service, you will pay 100% of the charges when we send you the unpublished link. Once the full payment is received, your ads will go live on the influencer platform.
    • For Graphic Design, It plays a crucial role in shaping perceptions, building brand identity, and enhancing user experiences across various platforms. For this service, we require full payment of 100% of the charges amount before we commence work.
    • For Bondhu Store WP Plugin or Themes Etc, If you wish to purchase any WordPress plugin or themes from our Bondhu Store, you must first pay the full amount as mentioned in the listed price of our WordPress plugin or themes. Once we receive your full payment, we will deliver your WP Plugin or Themes etc to you.

2.Payment Methods:

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Credit or Debit Card and UPI (Indian Clients Only)
  • Online Payment Platforms like PayPal, Stripe, etc. (International Clients Only)
  • Swift Bank Transfer (International Clients Only)
  • Crypto Payments (International Clients Only)
  • Forex Payments (International Clients Only)

Please note that any transaction fees associated with the bank transfer will be your responsibility.

3.Cancellation and Refunds:

Cancellation and refund policies may vary depending on the type of service or product. Please refer to our separate Refund Policy for more details.

By engaging our services or purchasing products from our website, you acknowledge and agree to comply with the above-stated payment terms and policies.


Bondhu Digital reserves the right to modify our Payment Policy from time to time without prior notice. So, make sure that you are well aware of the changes.

If you have any questions or require further clarification, please contact our customer support team.

Thank you for choosing us for your digital journey. We are committed to your satisfaction and will not let you down.